Car Detailing Packages

Our detailing packages were designed restore your vehicle back to like new condition. Select a package that best suites your needs.

Gold Package

Recommended for first time clients. An initial thorough detailed cleaning of both the interior and exterior bringing it up to standard.

Starting at $295/SUVs $320+

Silver Package

For vehicles that need a light cleaning.

Starting at $225/SUVs $250+

Interior Detail

This package is designed for cars that have been detailed within in a year and kept in good condition by the owner.

Starting at $200/SUVs $225+

Interior Reconditioning

This package is specifically designed for cars that need more than our interior detail service. Whether your vehicle has never been detailed or it’s been years with accumulated food, dirt, grime, etc., this is the package for you. Going the extra mile to restore every aspect of your interior to a like-new condition.

Starting at $450/SUVs $475+

Additional Services

Pet Hair – $25*

We will remove as much pesky pet hair as possible with specialized tools

Paint Decontamination Service – $75

A Claybar & Iron Treatment is applied to all painted surfaces making the paint smooth, shine bright, and provide longer lasting protection.

shampooing/Extracting Seats – $65

We will remove as much dirt and grime out of your seats

shampooing/Extracting Floors – $65

We will remove as much dirt and grime out of your carpets

Headlight Restoration – $70

Clear up those fogy headlights for better visibility.

Claybar – $35 (popular)

Removes contaminants out of your vehicles paint leaving a smooth surface and great shine! Also, allows the protection to last longer.

Interior Ceramic Coating – $350*

Help prevent build up of oils ,dirt ,and grime making for easy maintenance. Coating lasts up to a year.

Windshield Coating – $50

Provides great visibility during rain.